Social media is not for everyone, especially Nigerian politicians. Here are 10 tweets from the PDP OFFICIAL ACCOUNT that prove this:

1. When they thought this picture actually made any sense.

PDP!! Where is your home training?!

2. When they told this confusing lie.

Oshey, gossip blogger.

3. When they decided that having shame was overrated.

PDP, you no get work?

4. When they assumed their entire audience was just daft.

Yes, and Santa Claus is real.

5. When they decided that this was worth ‘reporting’.

PDP, the official paparazzi of Nigeria.

6. When they just lied out of their ass.

Show us the money now! We smell lies!

7. When they descended into childishness.

Will you keep kwayet?!

8. When they dropped this fundamentally petty tweet.

16 years of pettiness.

9. When they brought Aero into their stupidity.

PDP, is it your change?!

10. When they just threw common sense out the window.

Goodbye common sense, never to be seen in the PDP camp again.

PDP, just look at yourselves.


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