1. When you wake up from them banging on your door because knocking like a normal person is too mainstream.

2. When they start dragging with you because you no longer want to attend their church/mosque.

3. When it’s time for you to decide a degree and your parent’s don’t hear medicine, accounting or engineering.

4. When you come 18th out of 20 students in class, your father is like:

5. When they suddenly decide that they know the most fashion and won’t allow you wear what you want in peace.

6. When they won’t let you hear word because you think their 7pm curfew is ridiculous at your age.

7. When the marriage discussion comes up, your mother is like:

8. When you give an opinion different to the one they like, your parents are like:

9. When they fight you because you don’t spend enough time with them.

10. And then fight you again for spending too much time with them and have now become anti social.


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