1. When you take one sip of water and have to pee 100 times.

Which kind of stress is this?

2. When you have to wake up like 10 times in the night to pee.

Is this bladder mad?

3. When you sleepover at someone’s house and can’t find the toilet in the midnight.

I have entered one chance today.

4. When the door to your toilet likes to shout, so everyone knows exactly how many times you’ve peed.

Thank you o, announcer!

5. How your boss looks at you when you take 7 bathroom breaks in 1 hour.

“It’s like you enjoy unemployment?”

6. When you’re travelling and the driver is proving very stubborn.

I will urinate in your bus o!

7. When you have to pee , but there’s no toilet around the area.

My bladder is about to lose all home training.

8. How you rush to the toilet everytime you get home from work.

This bladder should kuku kill me.

9. When nobody is taking overactive bladder syndrome seriously, you and your squad be like:

We can’t be ignored!

10. When you want to use the restroom at work, and your colleague is not having sense.

Are you giving birth ?


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