Incase you don’t know (or currently living under a rock), the most controversial elections ever took place in the U.S on November 8, and shockingly, Donald Trump won the election!

1. Being the most talked about election in 2016, Nigerians had a lot to say:

2. Because FOREX is just a mess right now.

3. Will Daddy Wole Soyinka tear his passport though?

4. Somebody should go and pick our Daddy Wole from the airport please.

5. Now that Trump has won, will people come back home now?

6. Trevoh Noah might enter wahala for abusing Donald Trump throughout 2016.

7. Instead of Nigerian politicians to seize this opportunity to change things around.

8. We’ll kuku be hearing orisirisi IJGB accents this December.

9. See this yeye person famzing Donald Trump.

10. This olodo person that doesn’t know they’re both British-Nigerian.

11. Instead of Nigerians to start firing prayer.

12. Ater forming shakara for us, everybody should stay in their America o!

13. Ordinary rigging that people are doing for free in Nigeria o.

14. The wahala we’re facing with Daddy Bubu is enough sha.

15. Who doesn’t like good things abeg?


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