1. When the flight is full and you all start fighting to get on the plane first.

I must enter please.

2. When you enter the plane and the smell of fish hits you.

Don’t they sell fish where you people are going?

3. Nigerians, when the pilot announces that the flight will take off late:

Lol, but you will still wait now?

4. When someone with 6 carry-on bags won’t let you put your own bag in the overhead cabin.

How did you not check those in?

5. When you see your country people taking selfies in the first class compartment then going to sit in the economy class they paid for.


6. When the Nigerian flight attendants starts talking in an accent from a completely different planet.

“Hartenshorn pliz, deezis a bordin hannounzmen for Earo Contractor flai 364 tew Laygorz…”

7. Having Nigerians on a flight and hearing “Do you know who I am?” at least once:


8. When someone leads a plane-wide prayer session before take off.

Here too?!

9. When they say put off your phone but there is still that one ‘businessman’ that is still making a call.

Don’t kill all of us please.

10. There will always be those people arguing about football or politics at the back of the plane.

No one cares!

11. When they tell a plane full of Nigerians to put off the lights during a night flight.

We are not children of darkness.

12. When the plane hits a little turbulence.

“Blood of Jesus!!!”

13. ​Nigerians and waiting for the seatbelt sign to go off before removing their seatbelts:

You people should let us finish landing now!

14. When the plane lands safely and as Nigerians, you cannot help but clap.


15. Pilot: “Please remain seated until the plane stops mov-“. Nigerians:

No time.

16. When the plane lands and everyone is running to the baggage claim/immigration place.

We cannot come and queue forever.

17. Nigerians when it’s time to get their luggage from the overhead cabin:

They don’t even mind climbing over your head.


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