1. When you have to put off your generator and your neighbour’s own is still on.

I’m petty like that.

2. When your neighbour buys that siren that blares whenever they bring light.

Correct guy.

3. When they take light in your house and you have to check that they have taken in your neighbour’s house too.

Before I carry last.

4. When there’s been light for hours and that neighbour you don’t like is still blasting their generator.

It’s not my business.

5. When you’re hungry and you can smell the jollof rice your neighbour is cooking.

Hay God!

6. When it’s time to pay for something and your neighbour hasn’t dropped money.

Is this one mad?

7. When you notice your neighbour only has light when you put on your generator.

Wait first! Is this one tapping my light?

8. When you hear your neighbours fighting with each other.

E no concern me.

9. When they wake you up with loud music early in the morning.

What the hell?

10. Your face, when you see their car in your own parking space.


11. When they want to start giving you the story of their life.

I don’t care.

12. When your neighbour throws a party and doesn’t invite you.

It can pain.

13. When they now use their party to block the whole street.

Na wa oh!

14. When they refuse to take part in environmental sanitation.

See this one.

15. You, when they throw their rubbish in front of your own house.

Respect yourself.


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