First of all, you need to know that Nigerian mothers and blaming witchcraft

So here are some situations where they don’t hesitate to blame the witches:

1. When a child gets food poisoning.

2. When it suddenly starts raining heavily in the middle of a sunny day.

3. When it’s cloudy but it doesn’t rain.

4. When their child isn’t married.

5. When their child married someone they don’t like.

6. When their child fails CRK at school.

7. When they experience bad financial situations.

8. When they trip while walking.

9. When their child does anything bad.

10. When they hear about a cheating husband.

11. When their child’s nails are too long.

12. When their child asks why he/she cannot watch Harry Potter.

13. When their child fails to do housechores.

14. When they call you repeatedly and you don’t answer.

15. When you talk back to them.

16. When you say you like cats.


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