1. You, wondering if they are your actual cousins or just ‘our parents know each other.’

Family friend’s children = Cousins

2. When you have 90 cousins but you’re only related to 11 of them.

Na wa.

3. When you get introduced to a new cousin each time you attend a family gathering.

Jisos! How many are they?

4. When your parents start comparing you to your cousin that has “achieved a lot.”

Mummy, marriage is not an “achievement.”

5. When your cousins come to “spend the holiday” and you have to share your room.

The worst.

6. When your cousin that is visiting reports you to your parents.

Oh? So it’s like that?

7. When that cousin your parents like begs them to allow all of you go out, and they agree.

You know your parents would have shouted “NO” if you’d asked.

8. When the only sleepovers your parents allow you attend are at your cousin’s house.

Hian! Can I hang out with my actual friends?

9. You and your favourite cousin that you only get to see at Christmas.


10. When your parents force you to play with that cousin you don’t like at a family event.

Ugh! Why now?

11. You and your cousins, when you stay over at Grandma’s house.

The struggle.

12. When you have to call your older cousins “brother” and “sister”.


13. When you see your dad giving your cousins money as they’re leaving.

Oh? But when I asked you said you didn’t have oh!


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