1. How they are named:

Na wa.

2. You: “I’m looking for a blue shirt”. Them: “This yellow shirt will fit you more.”

Are you mad?

3. When they wash and hang okrika for you to buy.

Better leave this place.

4. When they add the price for their AC and transport on each cloth.

See me see trouble.

5. You, when you hear their prices.


6. When you see the real price of what you bought somewhere else.


7. Nigerian boutiques and blue fluorescent.

All of them.

8. When whatever you buy is always finer in the boutique.

The boutique light jazz.

9. When the only shoes they know how to sell are loafers.


10. When they are selling Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags for “ten thazand”.

See this one.

11. Your face, when they swear it is original.

I’ve heard.

12. This struggle:


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