Most Nigerian guys have similar techniques when it comes to talking to girls. So here’s a list of the most common lines used by our beloved Naija boys:

1. “Eskiz me sister”

I’m not your sister, please go and be unfortunate somewhere else.

2. “So where do you base?”

MTV base ni.

3. “Can I have your contact?”

Yeah…. No.

4. “Send me your pix”

Oga, respect your life.

5. “What are you wearing?”

The blood of Jesus please.

6. “How many boyfriends do you have?”

Is it your boyfriend?

7. “Have you eaten?”

Yes, I have. Can this conversation like end now?

8. “So what are you doing?”


9. “Tell me about yourself plix”

Kuku kill me.

10. “You look very familiar, is your name Yvonne?”

Now walk away slowly.

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