1. When you remember you have mid-week service but you wore a short skirt to work.

Which kind of wahala is this?

2. When you invite someone to mid-week service but they say they are “busy”.

“One day your eyes will be opened.”

3. How the church auditorium looks during mid-week service:

So empty!

4. When the ushers try to force you to move to the front so the church won’t look as scanty.

Come and force me now!

5. When the person leading praise and worship is not one of your favourite choir members.

Who is this one?

6. When the lead singer starts getting carried away because they’re enjoying being in charge for once.

Hello please calm down!

7. How the assistant pastor gets on the pulpit to start preaching.

Feeling hip and funky!

8. When the service starts to go on for longer than planned.

Ah ah? Some of us are still entering public transport this night have mercy oh!

9. When someone is still shouting “ride on sir”.

Please don’t be an unfortunate human being. Sunday is still there ahn ahn!

10. When you think the service is over but then it’s testimony time.

Na wa oh!

11. When they say it’s offering time but no offering envelope.

So now everyone will see how much I am giving abi?

12. When the pastor announces the need for volunteers and you do oversabi and raise your hand.


13. When someone is feeling extra holy and kind so they ask if you need a ride home.

Halleluyah somebody!


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