1. So you must have checked your calendar today hoping to see something other than January…

Like payday, or that it’s your birthday!

2. But unfortunately, we are still in January!

Can you imagine?

3. What kind of nonsense stress is this?

We already have enough problems!

4. How are we still in January?

Someone tell me please!

5. It feels like it has been January for six months!

At the very least!

6. So why is the calendar still counting days in January?

Maybe there is an error somewhere.

7. Meanwhile, your bank account is like:

Something that has been empty since December!

8. And you are already tired of the month, and all it’s wahala!

Stress levels through the roof!

9. But for some reason, January has refused to go away!


10. We just want to use this opportunity to beg this unnecessarily long month…

Please, please and please!

11. Come and be going please! We are all sick and tired of you!

Thank you fo your co-operation!


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