1. How you always looked in your house shirt:

It can never be your size.

2. When the principal announces that there will be no classes.


3. When one teacher still wants to teach during inter-house sports practice.

Leave this place.

4. That teacher that always carried the training on their head as if it was for Olympics:

Biko, calm down.

5. When you see that Milo truck arriving.

Cold Milo for the men them.

6. When your house captain gives you the glucose to hold.

The best.

7. When girls hear “It’s time for 100m senior boys”.

The only race that matters.

8. When you see someone from a visiting school talking to your crush.

It can pain.

9. You, when house captain is looking for people to do match pass.

God forbid.

10. Those students that couldn’t care less about participating:

All of us at some point.

11. What it looked like after every 800m race:

Na die.

12. When your parents come to watch you and you come last.

Hay God!

13. Your guys, when your parents bring food from home.


14. You, waiting for glucose after winning a competition for your house.

Oya na.

15. When your house wins the inter-house sports.

Turn Up!!!

16. When people start crying because their house lost.

Usually Yellow House people.


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