1. When you hear of an exclusive bargain that is so amazing.

2. And for a second you wonder if you should believe it.

3. Then you remember you serve a God of favour.

4. And accept that it’s a gift so you go ahead with it.

5. So there you are, feeling so cool.

6. Bragging to all your friends about your bargain finding skills.

7. You even give a testimony in church.

8. Because you see, the Lord is on your side.

9. A few days pass and you’ve not received your goods.

10. Then you send an email asking where the goods you ordered are.

11. No reply.

12. Then you check again.

13. Still no reply.

14. In fact the so called brand has blocked you everywhere.

15. Now this thing is looking more like a trap by the devil than a blessing from God.

16. Your enemies are looking at your misfortune like:

17. Meanwhile your mother is forming “Ehn shebi I told you!”.

18. And your friends are busy struggling not to laugh at you.

19. You are now wondering how you could have been such a fool.

20. And calculating all the things you could have done with the money that is now gone.

21. You even begin to suspect one of your uncles from the village

22. You eventually get over it.

23. But from that day whenever you hear “unbelievable bargain” you’re like:


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