1. When you hear your hubby telling his relatives about the other room.

This guy is not okay o!

2. You, when you know the only room he’ll be sleeping in is the living room.

No other room for you today.

3. When he’s bragging to his friends about being the boss in the house.

We all know who the real boss is though.

4. When he wants you to enter kitchen and cook for him but you have more important things to do.

Nobody got time for that.

5. When you and hubby go to a restaurant and he orders rubbish for you.

Am I invisible ? Why can’t you ask me?

6. When your hubby is abusing Twitter feminists but he doesn’t know you’re the president.

Is that how you used to do?

7. When both of you just finished owambe food and he’s asking what you’ll cook when you get home.

Look at this one? Cook what?

8. When you’re very tired from work and he starts talking about the other room.

If you don’t disappear from here.


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