1. When your class teacher would ask you to write noise of noisemakers, you’re like:

With speed and alacrity.

2. When your siblings would organise scopes without you, you’d be like:

Am I not one of you?

3. And then when your parents nabbed, you would start reporting all of them like:

Well, no one asked them to be shady!

4. When you teacher would threaten to punish everyone if someone didn’t tell her what happened, you would be like:

You refused to suffer with the sinners.

5. When someone would tell you a secret and ask you not to tell anyone.

Only if they don’t ask you sha!

6. When you see your friends boyfriend cheating on her, you’re like:

On your way to report ASAP!

7. When your friend lies to her mother about where she is and her mother calls you to confirm she is with you.

Solidarity ko, solidarity ni!

8. When your classmates tried to make you feel bad for being a tattle tale, you would be like:

You people don’t have any sense.


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