1. When you put on your TV an hear about “recession” again.

2. Then you check the newspaper, same thing.

3. In your office, that’s what everyone is talking about.

4. Even in church, they’ve been using it do prayer point for the last one million weeks.

5. When you get to the market and prices have gone up again because of “recession”.

6. When you even dream of buying things from abroad, the exchange rate laughs at you like:

7. Then you try and be more than you are and look at airline ticket prices, only to see a lot more zeros than you expected.

8. Even your boyfriend does not call you again because “recession”.

9. And your salary is now for decoration since all it can buy you is …. nothing.

10. Then the government people are just talking jagbajantis instead of fixing the thing.

11. Your friends don’t even have respect, some are marrying and still want you to pay for aso ebi.

12. And some are even asking you to join them in one useless pyramid scheme or the other.

13. But you sha won’t die whether the recession like it or not!


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