1. When you get invited to another party and all your dreams of sleeping away the weekend disappear

2. Then you have to struggle for parking.

3. And struggle again to enter the party.

4. When you finally sit down, you are assaulted by the most fantastic smells.

5. Small chops and all sorts of food are just floating by.

6. Maybe this event will be worth your while after all.

7. So you try signalling a waiter but they just ignore you like you are an ex girlfriend owing them money.

8. So you decide to take matters into your own hands

9. You march over to the caterer and demand you be taken care of in the manner befitting an important guest.

10. Only to get a side eye, like;

11. Before you know it you’ve started raising your voice.

12. And pointing your fingers up and down.

13. In fact someone has to tell you to calm down.

14. But then after that you get all the food you wanted.

15. And even several helpings of small chops.

16. So your pride is gone, but your belly is full. That is kuku all that matters really!


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