1. When you realise you have a public holiday following the weekend, so you have a 3 or 4 day weekend.

Somebody praise the lord!

2. Make sure you ignore your boss’s emails asking you to “treat as urgent” anything that will mean you have to work over the weekend.

Better get out!

3. This should be your reply to any invitation over the weekend, where there is food.

“I will be there!”

4. You preparing for the sort of sleep that ignores your alarm clock.

The most enjoyable sleep there is!

5. When you see your church members coming to invite you for any long church programme.

Not on seat oh!

6. Tell all your family members you are travelling so they don’t bring their wahala to “visit” you.

Stay in your own houses please!

7. Throw away your debit card so you don’t subject yourself to a life of poverty after the weekend.

Before you spend too much money.

8. If your ex calls you, don’t pick up the phone.

It can never be for anything good.

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