*Ahem* This is a Public Service Announcement for all aspiring IJGBs and all those who want to change their BBM/Twitter location to a foreign country.

Unlike, the widespread perception about how difficult getting  visa to foreign countries, this article posted by the US embassy in Nigeria, shows the consular officers’ perspective of the visa application process.

1. Never present fraudulent documents.

Using fake documents and visa packages can either completely ruin any chance of ever getting access into the country or earn the applicant some time in prison.

2. It’s called an interview for a reason, engage the consular officer in a conversation.

We’re not saying you should do amebo oh. They’re humans who would be interested to learn about Nigerian culture or probably our premium Jollof rice.

3. It’s not always by documents.

If you’re travelling to the US especially, your documents aren’t the most important part. Simply present your documents and let them interview you.

4. Tell them about yourself and what you do.

They honestly don’t bite. Picture this: If you wanted to take someone into your home, wouldn’t you want to get to know them before they move in? The purpose of the interview is for them to simply get to know who you are.

5. Truthfully explain why you chose their country of all the several foreign countries of the world.

You’re the one convincing them to admit you into their country. They actually have the right to know what makes their country appealing to you.

6. Confirm whatever information you hear about visas from the embassy.

Rather than go for your interview with false information, the safest thing to do is simply reaching out to the embassy to confirm useful information.

7. Give detailed answers to the questions asked.

Explaining in details will help them understand you better and also make the process easier.

8. Bear in mind that the consulate officers are only doing their jobs and obeying the laws of their country.

We know you’re going to cast and bind them on the morning of your interview. Just know that they’re people with jobs just like you.


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