That moment when your data subscription expires can suck so hard. If you are Nigerian you know this can happen five times in a month even if your monthly data is supposed to last for a MONTH.

So what do you do with yourself within that moment before your next subscription? Can’t think of anything? Well, that’s why we are here!


Yes, I know it’s a chore for some but there’s an array of reading apps you can use on your phone. Most of them work offline, so you can basically catch up on reading the books you downloaded when you had data at this time.

Listen to Radio:

That radio app on your phone is there for a reason brah. Not every time SoundCloud, Spotify or live streaming. Sometimes get familiar with your local radio stations.

Play Games:

Eh, awon Candy Crush addicts don’t need me to tell them this one. But, just in case you didn’t get the memo, you can actually play games on your phone. I’m super addicted to Logo Quiz.


Raise your hands if you didn’t know this could be done on your phone. Apps like PicsArt actually help you create any drawing you feel inspired to make offline.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, how is this entertaining? But, you never know the gem that might come from your endless tapping.

Which one of these do you do the most?


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