1. When you get that notification that your parents are following you:

2. You start to wonder who even told them about the app:

3. Then you remember you were actually the one that downloaded it for them:

4. When your parents ask you if you’ve seen their follow notification:

Er…I’m not sure…

5. You when they tell you to follow them back:

6. You start to think of a good excuse not to:

But you can’t come up with one.

7. So you eventually follow back because, “what’s the worst that could happen”, right?

8. Then they start to lecture you on your choice of profile picture:

9. And send you a million and one broadcast messages:

10. And every two minutes they’re trying to video call:

Why use voice call when there is video and you can see everything?

11. They never get the hang of using the app:

12. So they’re constantly calling you for help:

13. And sending either indecipherable or inappropriate messages:

14. When you’re tired, you finally decide to block them:

15. Then when they get a new phone, the cycle begins all over again:

Parents and social media just don’t mix. And teaching parents how to use new technology has to be the absolute worst! Just see:



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