1. Just sleep.

You probably had to wake up at 5A.M. But keep one eye open, before they chance you.

2. Make friends with your fellow queuers.

Nigerians are nothing if not friendly in crisis.

3. Write a book.

We hear that suffering increases creativity.

4. Turn it into a picnic.

LMAO! Bring the rest of your family to join in the wait – along with food.

5. Start a small business – pure water, bottled water, cold drinks, novels, hand fan etc.

What do you think your boot is for?

6. Write a Nigerian song.

Eedris, African China…they found inspiration in our hopelessness. Honestly, it’s not that hard

7. Find your bae. Your type will surely be on one of the queues.

With the amount of people queuing, if you don’t find someone in one of the petrol stations, it’s your fault.

8. Get your summer bod ready.

Those kegs and generator tanks are useful for lifting.

9. Take a faux-deep, over edited artistic shot of real Lagos life. Caption: Beauty Within The Madness.

Please. Please. We are all artists.

10. Create a snapchat film. You can still be woke in your suffering.

Yass Queen!

11. Start a Twitter fight about how fuel queues are killing feminism or slutshaming.

That should occupy you for an hour…or seven.

12. Test your partner for marriage readiness.

If they queue with you, walk down the altar.


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