1. When you need to enter danfo but you only have 1k.

As per #RichGang.

2. How you hustle to enter the first bus that stops:

Will you now sleep there because of 1k?

3. You, when the conductor says “enter with your change”.

Selective deafness, abeg.

4. What you ask all the passengers immediately you sit down:

You’re sha making effort.

5. When you’re done asking and nobody in the bus has change.

You cannot come and go and die.

6. When you finally give the conductor the 1k and he starts making noise.

Why are you now shouting, biko?

7. How you balance when you know it’s too late for him to throw you out:

You’ll be fine bruh.

8. How everyone on the bus hustles to collect their change first:

You people should calm down na.

9. You, looking at the conductor because your own hasn’t reached you:

He thinks you will forget, abi?

10. When you want to vex then you remember you’re the one that entered with 1k.

Who sent you message sef?

11. When your energy finishes and you stop shouting for your change every 5 minutes.

Na where you mess up.

12. When you finally reach your bus stop and the conductor carries face like:

You forgot to ask him, and he ‘forgot’ to remind you.

13. When you walk small and suddenly remember your change.


14. You, painfully watching the danfo zoom off:

You’re there wondering if you can chase it.

15. You, calculating everything you could have done with that money:

You see your life.


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