1. When they asked you to choose between Food and Nutrition and Agric.

The one with food, abeg.

2. You, entering ‘Food and Nutrition’ class expecting constant chow:

My stomach is ready.

3. When you realize the ‘Food’ in ‘Food and Nutrition’ is silent until practicals.

Why are you teaching me about carbohydrates ehn?

4. Your Food and Nutrition note after just one term:

Just kill me oh.

5. You, looking at the Food and Nutrition exam questions like:

I did not agree for this one oh.

6. When your teacher tells you to bring money to buy apron and cap for practical.

Please don’t stress me, abeg.

7. How your classmates start famzing you days to the practical:

Better famz well.

8. Your friends, waiting for you to finish practical like:

See these ones.

9. When the whole school hears that Food and Nutrition practical is over:

You people have not seen food before?

10. How people dodge your food when you’re the only boy doing Food and Nutrition:

Ah! Is it like that?

11. You, when teachers sef are using style to beg for food.

Better beg with your chest.

12. When your food is so good it reaches Administrative block:

I sabi the work.

13. What your Food and Nutrition teacher allows you to take to your class after the practical:

What is this, abeg?

14. How your teacher shares the cake you baked:

Hay God!

15. When that oversabi’s food is so bad, the teacher lets her take everything home.

It can pain sha.


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