Honestly though, I can tell you guys, the people here have become like family. Yes, that’s what I said. We are one big, we-see-once-a-day family.

When I first started passing through Yaba, I was scared of everyone. I mean everybody.

Even the passengers.

But it’s been one year, and we have all grown close.

I’m not even joking.

Now, when I step down at the bus stop, I start looking for my familiar people.

Where you at?

When my favorite “aunty correct Jeans” guy , Shaggy steps to me.

I’m not buying jeans, but it’s still nice to get asked.

Ifeanyi, the curtain guy comes over to say hi and maybe convince me to buy curtains.

This is our thing now.

When I’m looking for the right bus, someone that ‘works’ there always helps me find one.

This is better than I can put into words.

When all the Obalende buses are 150, my connect sometimes swings the price down to 100 naira.

I know people! I’m connected!!

How I be with my favorite conductor.

And my favorite seat on any bus he’s conducting that day.

I feel so torn when my favourite conductor doesn’t want to pay my favorite Local government guy. As in, they’re both my friends.

Guys, can’t we all just get along?!

And it’s over so soon, because the bus starts moving.

But there’s tomorrow again.

But honestly, all these people actually make my day slightly better and what is life without a little flavour?

This is a true life story.


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