1. When your dad announces he will be retiring to the family.

Ah! Why now?

2. When you wake up and your dad is still around.

Then you remember he does not have anywhere to go because, he is now retired.

3. When he starts asking questions about things in the house.

Oga this is how we have been doing things since oh don’t come and scatter it!

4. When you or your siblings ask for money, he’s like:

Are these ones okay at all?

5. When he is bored and is looking for something to do.

“Maybe I should go and frustrate my children so they will marry on time.”

6. When his fellow retirees come and visit him.

Association of bored gentlemen.

7. When your mother goes out and he does not know when she is coming back, he’s like:

Poor daddy!

8. When the person that took over his role comes to ask for some advice and help.

He will now be feeling cool!

9. When him and your mum decide they now want to join fitfam so they can live long.

You people are well done!

10. When he remembers he has to go to the pension office.

Wicked children.

11. When he finds a new business he can get involved in.

No need to stay in the house with these ungrateful children again.

12. When his frustration has worked and you now want to marry, then he remembers he has to pay.

Which kind of wahala is this one?


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