1. When you wake up late on Sunday.

Oh no!

2. Then you remember you don’t have to go to work or school.

Somebody follow me and praise the Lord!

3. You, taking your time because no need to rush:

You just enter everything with style!

4. You, enjoying sunday rice and parties.

Because Sunday rice is the sweetest rice!

5. When you check the time and see it’s almost 5pm.


6. When you have to start thinking about what you’ll wear this week to work.

Chai! Is this life?

7. When you start getting whatsapp broadcasts wishing you a productive week.

Is it by force?

8. When you blink for one minute and another 3 hours have passed.

Ahn ahn!

9. When people in your office group chat start asking questions about work.

So you people cannot wait till tomorrow abi?

10. You, trying to figure out what exactly you achieved during the weekend now that it has finished.

How as the whole weekend gone when it seems like nothing has happened?

11. When you are happy to go to bed because you are tired but sad at the same time because tomorrow is Monday.

Is this life?


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