1. I went to check my peng face in the mirror one morning and this was what I saw.

2. Hay God! There was one big koko on my left eye o!

3. Ah, this thing was painful and it wasn’t a boil o!

4. That’s how my mummy dragged me to the hospital.

5. The doctor was just shining one rubbish torch on my face anyhow!

6. After all the wahala, he said I had to do a minor eye surgery. But first, I had to do some blood tests

7. When I got to the center, the people that came for testing were just scabbashing o! Nobody wants to have HIV sha.

8. The nurse was just shaking her head when she saw me.

9. This was me when she was taking my blood.

10. When it was time to collect my result, the nurse was still shaking her head o!

11. She said, “small girl like you, you’ve started doing bad things”.

12. She now said “God saved you sha, next time don’t be opening ya legs anyhow”.

13. This was me after seeing ‘HIV Negative’ on the test result.

14. This was me, when someone asked me to come and do free HIV screening.


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