1. When you are lifting your leg to climb okada and you hear the sound of something rip.

2. When you start feeling the breeze around your bum because kasala has burst.

3. How your fellow pedestrians look at you now that you are suffering.

4. Meanwhile, some shameless people are looking at you, like:

5. But your house is too far and you’ll be late for work.

6. So you have to enter the market in your state of shame to buy new clothes.

7. Then the shop owner starts trying to take advantage of you because they can see you are desperate.

8. They don’t know that you have only lost your clothes and not your mind.

9. When you do too much shakara and you have to go and look for a tailor.

10. Now you are sitting in the tailors shop full of shame and regret, like:

11. Meanwhile the tailor does not have sense so he sews the cloth jagga jagga.

12. So now your clothes are no longer torn but you look like someone that has been through struggle!


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