Fulfilling your dream or doing what you want in a Nigerian home is like eliminating corruption in Nigeria. It’s kind of impossible for the most. We made a list of all the challenges you can ever face on this path.

1. When you decide what you want to be finally

And it’s not in line with what your parents have decided for you.

2. But then you want to be different

You decide it is time to be bold and stand up for yourself

3. So you have to strategize on how to talk to and approach your parents

Should I tell Uncle Kola or Aunty Chioma to go with me?

4. But your uncles and aunties are not having it

“It’s not me and you, go and meet your father and tell him yourself”.

5. So you summon courage and gather liver

But your liver is kind of shaky and you aren’t sure.

6. First roadblock – “are you okay upstairs?”

The worst happens. Your father has disagreed.

7. Your mother says “your father is the one paying your school fees go and meet him”

Oh God! And she decides to stand by your father’s decision.

8. So your mother decides to be extra and take your matter up

Because she feels you are becoming rebellious and carrying shoulders up.

9. So Pastor David calls you for a four-hour counselling session

What is all this please?

10. Aunty Biodun, Uncle Emeka, the elders and the youth leader also follow up with counselling

All these counselling committees on top ordinary career change

11. But that’s not the end

There’s still more to come.

12. You decide to be independent, save up money and send yourself abroad for school

I believe I can do this. I will do this and surprise all of you.

13. But… the economy and getting a job

What a waste, how will I even save?

14. The Dollar rate is like $1 to N1,000

Zero hope.

15. To top it off, the greatest enemy

You thought you would have it easy, they were waiting for you.

16. So you have to be humble and tell everyone you are sorry

Now it’s time to be whatever your family wants you to be. Sad!


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