1. The one who brings everyone together and organises the hang out.

2. The funny one, that always has a silly story for everyone to laugh at.

3. The spiritual firecracker, that can pray for all of you from today till next year.

4. The busy one, that you all have to make an appointment to see.

5. The popular jingo, that knows anybody and everybody.

6. The amebo, that always has funky gist for the group.

7. The troublemaker, that’s always ready to enter wahala on everybody’s behalf.

8. The lover-babe, that is either in love or heart broken at any given time, never normal.

9. The hustler, with 2 jobs and 6 side hustles, she can hook you up with anything you need.

10. The fashion mama, forever dressed to kill and ready to slay.

11. The suspicious one, that doesn’t trust anybody including herself!

12. The confused one, that never knows what’s happening.

13. The rude one, that talks to anybody anyhow.


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