1. The amebo, that thinks everyone’s business is his/her birthright.

2. The one whose children are always coming to look for people’s trouble in the office.

3. The funny one, that can turn every and anything into a joke.

4. The lazy one, that never does any work but always want to share in the credit for work done.

5. The party rider, that always has a function to attend even if it’s Monday.

6. The one that’s always bring smelling concoctions in the name of lunch.

7. The fighter, that always has one person or the other to drag to HR.

8. The grumpy one, that doesn’t like associating with people in or out of the office.

9. The one that starts foolish debates every day for fun.

10. The secretive one, that would hide his/her name if it wasn’t necessary information at the office.


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