On Thursday, there was a prolonged – honestly annoying – argument by Nigerians about what to say or not say to a woman when you’re having an argument. You may not have been present for the argument, but we don’t want to attend any funerals, so we made a list of the tweets for you:

1. “You’re wrong”

Once you say that, you might as well place an order for your coffin. A woman is never wrong in an argument.

2. “Calm down”

Start praying for that man, because he’s about to never have peace again. You people should learn. No woman that’s ever been told to calm down actually calms down.

3. “You’re overreacting”

Under no circumstances, should this leave your mouth. I mean, you can think it, but do not so much as breathe it out.

4. “Let’s talk about it tomorrow”

No one has patience for that! Also what are you doing that we can’t talk about it now?

5. “Go straight to the point”

Wow! You don’t seem to want the argument to end. Let her make all her secondary points before getting to the primary point.

6. “Okay”

LOL! After the long essay, you think you should say “Okay”?

7. “You won’t understand”

Are you trying to say she’s stupid? For real?

8. “Do what you want”

What’s this one saying? Please behave and give your opinion so she can yell at you for it.

9. “Is that why you’re angry?”

Wait, what? The reason is not good enough? Guys need to learn!

10. “It’s not that deep”


11. “Whatever”

You cannot show flippancy when arguing with your woman, all she wants to see is remorse!

12. “Why are you being so emotional?”

When you say this, she will go dangerously still. Don’t breathe, bruh.

13. “You just want to be angry”

Now, you’re just inviting the devil in.

14. “This is too much drama”

Really? Say God.

15. “Seen”

It’s like you people want the stress. Why would you say ‘seen’ when another person is angry?

16. “I don’t know what you want me to say”


17. “So what do you want from me?”

Sigh! An apology, for you to have a clue…the list goes on.

18. “Can I talk?”

No!! She really doesn’t want to hear from you right now!

19. “Is it that time of the month?”

That one was your own fault.


LMAO! Bye bro.


RIP to that brother over there.


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