You can almost always spot a Nigerian anywhere. There’s just something special that makes us stand out. Here’s a list of all the signs that show that Nigerians are on a plane.

There’s usually no space for hand luggage because everyone else has like 10 carry on bags

And you might see some people taking pictures in the first class compartment then going to seat in coach

And there’s a queue 5 hours before the plane is scheduled for departure

And you can hear people shouting and trying to let everyone know they’re VIPs

And you can see huge ‘Ghana must go’ bags everywhere

And there’s a lot of noise and babies crying

There’s always that one person who holds a fervent prayer session before the plane takes off

And the one who screams ‘Blood of Jesus’ when there’s slight turbulence

And everyone claps when the plane finally lands

What other things happen on a plane filled with Nigerians?


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