Acrophobia or the fear of heights is a big thing that a lot of people have to deal with. Those who face it on a daily know that the only way to deal with it is to accept and live through it.

Here are some things you’ll relate to if you have a fear of heights:

Cussing the creators of pedestrian bridges

So you want me to die by slipping and falling, when I can take my chances with fast cars on the expressway and the LASTMA fine?

Trying not to look down but doing so anyway:

…because curiosity killed the cat and this cat has a strong desire for things it fears the most.

Feeling dizzy, hot and bothered:

Your mind starts playing games and you feel like the world is tilting toward you, literally.

You can’t even climb the stairs without holding on with a death grip

While waiting for the person climbing beside you to pass before you proceed, so you don’t fall on your face. 

Getting into a lift is the worst thing ever:

That momentary out of body experience is not appealing at all. 

An escalator? Forget it

You’d rather walk around the building 400 times or climb the stairs to get to the 1000th floor.

Cringing every time your grandma throws a baby in the air

Because only a sadist would do that!

You wonder why everyone brags about the jet-setting lifestyle

What’s so fun about getting into an airplane and experiencing vertigo throughout your flight? You prefer a road-trip, thank you very much!

Lost dreams and dead thrills

You’d have been a great gymnast, swinging from poles effortlessly if not for this acrophobia that won’t let you be great. Now you know you’ll never be able to live out your bucket list of true adventures which involves sky diving and rock climbing.


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