1. When they start talking about code and APIs

Are we still speaking English here?

2. When they hear one important person is coming to Nigeria, they’re like

“Mark Zuckerberg is here!!!”

3. How they form gang and leave out all the olodo non-tech people

Is it like that?

4. When they want to do something on your HP laptop, they’re like:

Because they’re using Mac now, nobody will hear word!

5. When they now start saying you should learn how to code, you’re like:

I’m not on seat!

6. You, when they try to explain the meaning of API

I’m just not understanding!

7. When your computer is not having sense and they fix it with one tap

You people are useful like this?

8. When they now show you all the things you can do with technology

I don’t believe it!

9. Every techie you know and their Mac book:

They can slap you if you touch it sef!


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