Getting married soon and looking for the perfect place for your honeymoon? We’ve got you. Mauritius is a small, island nation on the Indian Ocean with its capital in Port Loius. It’s a stateless country with a population of about 1.4 million. The people are multi-lingual as well as multi-cultural – French, and Mauritian Creole are the major languages.

1. Get lazy on an insanely gorgeous beach

The Grand Baie Beach like all the others in Mauritius is so achingly beautiful it hurts.

2. Enjoy the culture and maybe even visit a temple

Mauritians are incredibly spiritual, and most of their religious beliefs are influenced by India.

3. Go mountain climbing

No real need for gym sessions if you and bae can do this a few times.

4. Have some delicious curry-laden roadside food

We hear Mauritians looove their curry.

5. Try some fun underwater walking

You and bae would have a blast!

6. Feed these beautiful fishes

Aren’t they gorgeous?

7. … Or maybe get married a second time underwater, like this extra couple

Somebody, stop these white people.

8. Sharpen your french

Mauritians speak mainly French and Creole, but there are a lot of English speakers as well.

9. Just breathe in the fresh air

Mauritius is stunningly beautiful and the people are super-warm. There’s no better place to chill out on your honeymoon.


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