1. Aunty no vex, I sick one kin sick ehn

“my body still dey pain me as you dey see me now”.

2. I thought you said you want am next tomorrow

“You see you suppose remind me”.

3. NEPA never bring light since that time you come

“This light you dey see just show today”.

4. I dey my village since, my mama dey vomit blood

“my brother, we thank God say she still dey alive”.

5. Since Buhari enter office, fuel no dey my side. So I no fit on the generator

“Na you vote APC, so na your fault too”.

6. I’ve done it, but I wan do am wella so I don start again, you get?

“Because you’re my G”.

7. Armed robber stopped me inside danfo and stole your clothes, I’ll do it again for you

“Just wait small first”.


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