1. When you had no idea there was scarcity till you got to the filling station.

You didn’t now come with extra money.

2. When the scarcity waited till your tank was on reserve to start.

What is this evil?

3. When the attendant that usually asks “anything for us?” starts using you to catch trips.

Wow bro. WOW!

4. When it’s during scarcity that power supply decides to be useless.

You people are clearly mad.

5. When you only have small fuel in your generator so you have to wait for the perfect moment to use it.

Can’t just on it anyhow again.

6. When you put on your gen and your neighbors come over.

Oh? We are all familiar now?

7. When you hear there is a filling station with small queue.


8. When someone tries to enter your front on the queue.

All of us will just die here. Nobody will buy fuel again.

9. When those black market sellers try to get your attention.

Please come and be going.

10. When the conductor doubles the transport fare.

Na wa. On top small fuel scarcity?

11. When you realize you’ll have to start trekking to more places.

I’m ready.

12. When you start regretting past driving decisions.

13. When you see someone carrying full keg.

14. When someone invites you out.

Better sit down in your house.

15. When you realize boys are no longer smiling.

Can’t be trusting Nigerians when scarcity hits.

16. When traffic increases and you’re wondering where people are getting fuel to even be on the road.

You people should go home, abeg.

17. When someone asks you to put on the AC in your car.

It’s like you’re a mad person. So, what are your current fuel scarcity struggles?


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