1. When they swore living alone was going to be fun, but this now your life:

Epp me please, I’m always hungry.

2. You, everytime the house bills start pouring in.

Jah Jehovah.

3. Whenever you hear “when will you marry?”

When will you mind your business?

4. When you were looking for work and employers wanted you to have 10 years experience and still be 22.

Edakun sir, I need work.

5. When you realized that 9 to 5 actually means 8 to whenever your oga says.

Is this life?

6. You, everyday in the office:

I’m done. I’m just done.

7. When you salary constantly finds a way to finish before the month is over.

The devil is at work.

8. When you remember you’re meant to be saving for your future, but your account balance is just looking at you like:

The future? I haven’t even figured out the present.

9. You, trying to hold your life together.

The endless struggle.

10. When extended family finally stops dashing you money whenever you see them.

Ah! Uncle, did I offend you?

11. You, when plans with your friends get cancelled.

Thank God! I can sleep.

12. When you realize that you really can’t win with money.

The worst.

13. You, trying to run away from your responsibilities.

Hay God!

14. When your friends think you have it all figured out.

Too inaccurate.

15. When something in your house spoils and you hear the cost of fixing it.


16. When everyone around you is starting a family and you realize it will soon be your own turn.

Nigerian wedding? House? Car? School Fees? Jehovah!

17. You and adult life on a daily basis:

Can I just take a holiday from being adult?


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