1. Efo-Riro: The Traditional Vegetable Soup

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Just take a look at all the obstacles in that bowl.

2. Meat Pies

These hearty pies with mixed fillings will have you wanting some more.

3. The Grilled Moin-Moin on a Salad

One just wants to know how it will feel in ones mouth!

4. Assorted Meat Pepper-soup

Have you ever seen pepper soup look so attractive?

5. An Amazing Bowl of Banga Soup

Looking at this might make you salivate and wish you could download food online.

6. Isi-Ewu

*stares at photo* The craving!

7. Yam and Vegetable Porridge

This could just be the cure for many illnesses.

8. Bole (Roasted Plantains) and Fish

From the Rivers area of Nigeria, Bole never looked so good!

9. The Jollof Rice!

“The Jollof Rice” because it is a sacred topic. And this plate looks Holy.

10. Eba and Seafood Okra

This designer Eba and seafood okra would have your tummy rumbling fast!

11. Ewa-Agoyin and Plantain

Look at the plantain.. Now don’t you want to try this?

12. Abacha

If you have never tried this or is your favorite this just makes it way more attractive.

13. Ofada Rice and Ayamase (Designer Stew)

This dish looks so beautiful and its not Transformation Thursday yet.

14. Puff Puff

This Nigerian staple snack looks picture perfect and looks like it would take your palette to places!

15. Coconut Fried Rice

This looks so tasty already!

16. Asaro (Yam Porridge)

This one could make you sell your birthright!


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