Being single sometimes can be a blessing. Other times it can be tasking and we’re sure every single person has found themselves in one of these situations!

1. When you get asked “why are you single”?

Oh God not this question again!

2. And everybody is trying to hook you up with someone.

Did I ask you? Can I be left alone?

3. When your friends in relationships bring their problems to you.

So what is it again this time?

4. So you have to dish out advice to them.

See I may be single but this is the best advice you can get.

5. When a couple invites you to hang out and say there will be other people.

Let us see how this goes.

6. But you meet only couples there.

They said it will be fun. Can I go home please.

7. Finally finding someone you like.

Yes! Its about to go down

8. But they live on a whole different continent.

Why does this always happen to me? Why me?

9. Having a huge crush on a person.

We are about to get married and start our family.

10. But you find out they are in a two year old relationship.

This can’t be life.

11. So you decide to enjoy your single life.

I really cannot stress myself.

12. And you tell your parents you don’t care about marriage.

Are you being manipulated?

13. So you have to start the hunting process all over again hoping for the best.

This better work out for good!


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