1. When somebody confuses your school with ISI

Take your time please. Don’t let the devil use you.

2. When principal is cracking his never ending dry jokes


3. When Mrs Bello starts not minding her business as usual

Please ma face your front. It’s not your concern.

4. When you see your seniors collecting grinds in the name of choreography


5. When on your birthday you have to buy BBQ for every one of your friends

Oh God. All these expenses.

6. And you know they will still bathe you with sand and water

Ungrateful elements.

7. When as a JSS1 student you can work in SS1 block

We may be in the same class but I am not your mate now.

8. When JSS2 and JSS3 or SS1 and SS2 students are fighting

*grabs popcorn* it is about to be real.

9. When you have secured a babe to dance with at the school dance

Let me teach you guys how this is done

10. When you get to dance with the most girls at the school dance

Call me the chicks man.

11. When you as a girl have been defending all the guys and don’t get a gift on valentines day

What is this life? What did I do to deserve this?

12. When you narrowly escaped death by flogging because you were in the toilet

I serve a living God.

13. When Mr Adeyemi tells you to write “I will never do ___again” 1,000 times

This must be child abuse.

14. When you realize Mr. Mbaso is the one to flog you

Tell my parents I love them. It has been real. Peace out.

15. When you get caught stabbing class but then you stab it again

Because you are a bad guy and education is never that serious.


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