1. When you finally enter SS1 and can change uniform and punish juniors.


2. When you become a senior and they suddenly say you cannot punish juniors again.

After all I suffered? NEVER!

3. When you send a junior and he says “no.”

Am I dreaming?

4. When a prefect that is your mate tries to punish you.

Is your uncle mad?

5. When you ask a junior for provisions and they say they haven’t opened it yet.

Are you confused?

6. When you see someone punishing your school child.

Better respect yourself.

7. When you send a junior and you hear them grumbling.

What did you say?

8. When you punish a junior and you see them heading to the staff room.

Ah! I don enter am.

9. When that rude junior you and your guys have been timing enters senior block.

It’s all over.

10. When a junior starts an excuse with “my mummy said…”

Just shut up, abeg.

11. When you send a junior and they say someone already sent them.

How does that one concern me?

12. When a junior tries to fight with someone in your class.

You’re not even afraid?

13. When you beat a junior and they come to school with their parents.

Ahahn! That small beating.

14. When you see your school child carrying provisions on visiting day.

God is really good.

15. When a junior enters your class.

See dead man walking.


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