1. When you have to become their personal driver.

“Oya! Take me to the market.”

2. You, trying to find some privacy.

The absolute worst.

3. When they always manage to find something to lecture you about.

Hay God!

4. When your friends that live alone start complaining about bills.

Who sent you?

5. You, when your friends say they want to visit.

Uhm. Maybe some other time.

6. When they start complaining about you always being in your room.

Can I be, please?

7. When you try to form adult for them.

“Under my roof?”

8. When they start inventing weird chores for you to do.

“Clean the back of the TV and under the car.”

9. When they keep shouting your name without ever saying what they want.

What is it sef?

10. You, when they are sleeping vs. Them, when you are sleeping.

It can pain.

11. When you stay out late without calling them.

“You will come home and meet me.”

12. When they call you to get something that is right beside them.

Na wa oh!

13. When they send you to bring something and you say you couldn’t find it.

“If I go and I find it…”

14. When every small thing you do starts to annoy them.

It’s like it is time to move out.

15. When you’re out with your guys and they call you to start coming home.

See ehn, this one hurts.


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