1. When someone hits your car and you know your day is about to get bad.

Not today, Satan!

2. When you come down and the person first starts shouting at you.

Is this one mad?

3. When the person tries to lay the blame on you.

Oga fix your life.

4. When the person hits your car and starts begging.

Dun cry, dun beg please.

5. When the people around you start helping you blame the person.

“It’s his fault.” YES!

6. But there are others that are helping him to beg you.

“Oga forgive him.”

7. When you’re a woman and the man that bashes you says he wants to talk to your husband.

On top my own car?!

8. When the person bashes your car and tries to drive away.

Where is this one going?

9. When it’s only a scratch but you feel compelled to make trouble.

You have to pay oh!

10. When the person destroys all your tail-lights and is like “Oga it’s small now”.

HAY GOD! Somebody hold me!

11. When a policeman interferes and you know you have to give him money after.

Who sent you now?

12. When everyone tries to help you settle so you’ll stop causing traffic.

This is where we will all sleep.

13. When someone bashes your car and you come down and see it’s a military man.

Ahan! This small scratch? Don’t worry, Sir.

14. When the people in the traffic you caused start cursing you and the other person.

Jesus! It’s not my fault now!

15. When random people gather to watch the exchange.

Is it Nollywood?


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