1. When it’s payday and you’re waiting for that credit alert.

Where is my money oh?

2. When they send an email apologizing for the delay.

Are we playing here?

3. When your boss tells you to do something and you’re just there like:

Better leave me.

4. When you realize you are using your money for transport to go and work for the people that are owing you.

Hay God!

5. When the bus you normally enter to work increases by N50.

Well, no more work for me.

6. When you’ve already mentally spent all the money and you’re just there waiting for alert like:

What is all this?

7. When it’s time for lunchbreak and you have to pretend like you’re not hungry.

I’m alright, please.

8. When you finally get alert, but it’s just your bank debiting you for SMS charges.

These ones think I’m playing.

9. You, before checking your account balance at the ATM.

God, do it for me.

10. When the weekend comes and your friends start calling you to hang out.

See these ones.

11. When you see your coworkers still spending money and you’re just looking at them like:

Are all of you now doing prostitution?

12. When you start regretting every single thing you bought when you still had money.

13. When your data finally finishes and your phone basically becomes a calculator.

Epp me please.

14. When you finally receive that credit alert.


15. You, eating your first meal after the money enters.



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