Phones might be one of the best things to have happened in recent decades, but they came with their baggage too — from software to hardware problems. Hardware issues are easier to deal with, but when your phone develops a fault and you have no idea what is wrong, things become a little complicated. If you’ve been down this road, you will relate to this.

How your mood changes when your phone goes off and won’t come back on

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What’s all this now.

You, in denial thinking the problem will fix itself

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Let me just leave it alone for a few hours.

You, scouring google for what might be wrong

I can’t be the only one this thing has happened to

You, looking at all the confusing results

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Can you people write in English, please?

When you find a piece of information you didn’t know about your phone

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Eh ehn? But this is not what I’m looking for at the moment.

When you’ve tried everything but your phone is still not working

Why are you doing this to me?

When you realise that you have to take it to a repair centre

I didn’t sign up for this stress, abeg

And the money you will spend because you don’t have a warranty

But I paid in full for you.

When they tell you what’s wrong with your phone

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All I need to know is if you can fix it

And how much it’s going to cost you

I think I should just buy a new phone

When they tell you to come back after two weeks

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You mean I won’t have a phone for 14 days?

You, counting down down the days

This life is hard and I have no friends

When you go back for your phone and it’s been fixed


You, looking at what you have left in your account



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