1. To all hardworking Nigerian women killing it at their places of work.

2. To the talented female writers blessing us with their unforgettable books.

3. This amazing artwork.

4. This iconic symbol of female empowerment.

5. To all the working mothers out there.

6. MCM doesn’t buy Women’s Day present, is that one MCM?

7. God created women to make the world a better place.

8. To all the amazing mothers, daughters and friends.

9. For the dearly departed Dr Adadevoh.

10. Women should be respected as human beings first!

11. For all the women who are still growing and learning.

12. The fight for equality continues.

13. The homemakers should be celebrated too, it’s not beans at all.

14. Women should be loved, respected and treated as human beings in all aspects of life.


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